Dilbert Leading Transformation

I sorry if from time to time I publish too much Dilbert.  I could run a blog just on the Dilbert cartoon.  The one from this past Sunday was just too good.  I imagine this would hit home for a lot of change agents.  Here it is:

(Click image to enlarge)

As a change agent for lean, haven’t we all wanted managers and leaders to exhibit the qualities that the point-haired boss is trying to exhibit?  Employee engagement to take ownership of the change, clear roles and responsibilities, leadership engagement and clear communication, and lead by example.  This is what we would all want all leadership to aspire to do.  Have you ever seen the reaction from the employees like that of Dilbert and his co-workers?  I have (not to the boss’ face though).  How do the employees get over that reaction?  One simple answer………….the leadership must live up to the standards set and actually change their behaviors and live it day-to-day.



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