Continuous Improvement for Me – Career Development Map

As I look for ways to improve, I am inspired by other lean thinkers and bloggers.  I see what they are trying and look to how that might work for me.  I try and experiment with things in order to make my job easier and to feel more in control and organized.

I decided to start a series that will be based on what I have tried in order to make my work better.  It may be small or large things and most likely it was an inspiration I got from someone else.  I hope that by passing along what I have learned that it may inspire others the way others have inspired me.

In the last few months I have been thinking about moving on to a role out “in” the business.  One where I can practice what I have taught or coached others in how to apply lean principles and thinking.  The company I work for is large.  So as I started to think about where might be a good stepping stone for me to go a leader here asked me if I had a career development roadmap.  I didn’t have one, so he has worked with me to develop one.  Here is a recent version of my career development roadmap.

(Click on image for larger view)

As you can see, I am trying to document my current state at the left, ending with an ideal state on the right.  In the top left hand corner, I have stated my intent, so if anyone just picks up the document they would have a decent understanding of the work.  The top half of the paper shows what skills I would like to build over the time frame listed at the very bottom.  The bottom half of the sheet shows possible roles that exist today to help me develop the skills I want to sharpen on the top half.  I then tie the roles together with the arrows from left to right.

Like any good tool, it isn’t the road map that is helpful, it is all the discussions I have had with my manager and managers in other areas that have been a great benefit.  I am finding areas that I have interest in that I didn’t before and areas that I don’t have interest in now that I did before I started with the conversations.

The road map is subject to change over time and that is fine, but now I have a better grasp on my opportunities within my company.

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  1. The roadmap was hard to read, even when enlarged, but your explanation was good. This is a good idea, Matt. I was a college career counselor in an earlier life and this kind of thinking was certainly encouraged. I hope you find your way!

  2. Good read! I applaud your effort and commitment Matt.

  3. Thanks for Sharing Matt. I am in a similiar state trying to look for the right fit. Mark Hamel was showing me how to do a career map. It is very helpful to see your example. Sounds like a PDCA cycle is in your future.

    • There will definitely be several PDCA cycles. I do one after every person I meet with and assess if that is an area I am interested in. Plus, as the years move on, I plan on reviewing it and making adjustments.

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