Top Posts of 2010

The wonderful people at and Stats Helper Monkeys provide some great statistics over the year.  I thought I would share the Top 5 Posts based on views from 2010.

If you saw them it might be a refresher.  If you didn’t see the post I thought it might be good to share what seems to be the most popular ones.

These are the posts that got the most views in 2010.


5S in the Office September 2010

This is about applying 5S in the office.  When is it appropriate to use and when is it not.


Comparing Lean Principles to the 14 Toyota Principles (Part 1) July 2010

This is the first of a three part series comparing the 5 Lean Principles from the Lean Learning Center to the 14 Toyota Principles.


Dilbert Leading Transformation July 2010

A funny Dilbert Cartoon from Scott Adams about how employees might react to a boss wanting employee engagement after years of not caring about the employees.


Walmart Changing Transportation Strategy June 2010

Comments on an article about Walmart changing their transportation strategy.


Redbox Produced In the U.S. Using Lean October 2010

Highlights of an article showing what Redbox is doing to use lean and keep the manufacturing in the U.S.

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