Applying Lean to Training

I found this video a few days ago.  It is a video of Todd Hudson, from the Maverick Institute, giving a class about applying lean to training.  The video is about 13 minutes long and isn’t the whole presentation, but it is very intriguing.

Todd asks the question, “Can we learn twice as much in half the time?”  It is a great question.  His point is that people thing that is a crazy idea, but we won’t hesitate to ask, “Can we get twice the production in half the time of equipment X?”  Excellent point.

In the video, Todd starts to talk about the waste in training.  He provides a statistic that says only 15% of what is heard during training is retained.  WOW!  I never put a measurement on it but my experiences seem to be very similar, which is why applying and reflecting after learning is very important for the learning cycle.

I’m disappointed the video is not longer.  I would like to hear more of what Todd has to say about applying lean to training and learning.

Has anyone applied lean to their training?  I would be interested in hearing more.

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  1. Thanks for the repost and comments! The waste in training (and teaching) is unbelievable and ripe for improvement. Like you said, just reflect on your own experiences and ask yourself how much of what was taught was REALLY applicable to the situation at hand. It’s very little. Did you see the video of Father Guido Sarducci’s 5-Minute University on My Favorites list? Hysterical (because it’s so true).

    I’m writing a book and organizing a series of workshops in Portland, OR (my home base) about implementing lean in training and teaching. Are you nearby? Hoping to take this on the road in 2012.

    YouTube limits vids to 15 minutes,so I’ll be uploading more segments of this talk and my workshop series in the near future. Subscribe to the channel to get notified of vid uploads.

    Thanks again for spreading the word about applying lean to training! We all want to learn better, meaning less waste and more value.

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