Teaching is Learning

Last week I had the opportunity to teach the PDCA problem solving methodology to a group of people.  Once a month, the central lean organization I work for offers it for others in the company to take.  It is a great way to expose others to the PDCA methodology.  It helps to gain deeper interest in PDCA.


I have taught the class several times over the last 2 years, but last week I finally realized what benefits I gained from teaching the class.  Every time I teach it, it reinforces the methodology to me.  I have been applying it for 7 years or so myself, but the reminders are always great.

When I am teaching it, I discover different little ways to explain something that could help me as I mentor people out in a practical application setting.  The more ways to explain something makes me a better mentor.

The biggest benefit from teaching the class is it makes me give a public declaration of what I am doing.  This holds me accountable for following the PDCA methodology.  In other words, “Practice what I preach.”  The more I use the methodology the better I get.  Even after 7 years I still have a lot of learning to do.  As I apply the PDCA methodology and find root causes, this shows people how the methodology can work in any setting.

Learning can be found anywhere, if you look for it.  Even when you are teaching.

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