My Continuous Improvement – How to Improve the Blog

Changes are coming

I have been blogging for around nine months now.  During that time, I have seen some things that I would like to improve with the site.  For instance, the font size on the page seems a little small making it not very easy to read.

I also have, with the help of my wife, come up with a logo option or two that I would like to add to the site.

Before I make any changes, I wanted to ask those of you who read the blog if there are any improvements or changes you would like to see?

In the spirit of continuous improvement, I would like the opinion of my customers, the readers, on what I can work on.  Layout?  Information in the columns? Topics?  Anything you can think of.

I haven’t decided when the changes will take place, but changes are coming.

Posted on March 2, 2011, in My Continuous Improvement, Other and tagged , . Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. It was rather disappointing to see that there were no comments under here. Your topic is good and the blogs are a good length. My only suggestion would be to try a different format, where it’s wider and you can use a slightly larger font. This font is really nice, but a bit small.

    I like the sidebars and don’t think you want to get rid of anything there.


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