Dilbert Tackles Stand-up Meetings

A concept that is commonly referred to from a lean perspective is the stand-up meeting.  Instead of sitting in a conference room where everyone can get comfortable and talk about things for hours……….and yes I mean hours, the stand-up meeting is a shorter, to the point meeting.  During the stand-up meeting the group focuses on the problems and opportunities.  Two benefits of standing up is people are more willing to be short and concise with their statements and people are more willing to go and directly observe the problem or opportunity they are discussing.  When sitting it is even easier to problem solve in the conference room.

Below, Dogbert the Consultant suggests stand-up meetings.  It may be for the wrong reasons, but I bet the meetings are shorter.  Great depiction of misunderstanding a concept.  Hilarious cartoon though.

(Click on image to enlarge)


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