Redesign to the Beyond Lean Blog

A couple of months ago, I had a post about changing the look of the blog site.  I finally got around to making some changes.  I figured there was no better time than the 1st anniversary of the site, which was last Friday.

I am limited in my resources and know how but I knew that I wanted it to be more readable.  I felt the font on the previous layout was small.  This design has a font that is easier to read and the space for the body of the post is wider.

You can still connect to me via RSS or Twitter.  The half hidden icons in the upper right corner are quick easy ways to do it.  I am still working on a LinkedIn connection.  You can still have an email subscription which is on the right sidebar.

My favorite feature is on the sidebar.  Under the email subscription is a feature to search for posts in different ways.

  • Green Folder – Shows the categories the posts are under.  The number of posts for the category is in parenthesis.
  • Blue Tag – Shows the most commonly used takes.  The larger the font the more times the tag has been used.
  • Grey Clock – Shows the Archive of the posts by month.  The number of posts for the month is in parenthesis.
  • Orange Star – Displays the top ten blog posts by the number of comments.  The parenthesis show the number comments for the post.
  • Orange Comment Bubble – Displays the last eight comments made on the site.

There still may be some more tweaks to come, but over all this is the major change.  I hope everyone likes it.

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  1. The text is readable, but you want to try to change the header text from red to white so it’s easier to read?

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