Newt Calls for Lean Six Sigma

Newt Gingrich is promoting Lean Six Sigma for the federal government.  Newt is stepping up and saying what the whole lean community has been saying for years.  Cut the budget and reduce the deficit without raising taxes or cutting programs.  The article says:

Implementing Lean Six Sigma throughout the federal government could cut program costs as much as 25 percent a year, its devotees claim, ending the threat of Social Security benefit cuts for baby boomers and Medicare death panels for Grandma.

Knowing how much waste there is in our government processes, I truly believe this could be achieved.

The article defines lean and six sigma as the following:

It combines lean manufacturing processes that reduce waste with Six Sigma, a methodology used to cut defects and improve quality.

Lean is not just about waste.  It is about quality and reducing defects.  Defects is one of the 7 types of waste, so how can lean not be about reducing defects.

That aside, the important thing is trying to improve the processes to reduce the federal government spending.

Mike George is trying to get the presidential candidates to commit to using Lean Six Sigma.

Retired Texas business consultant Mike George, who claims to be the creator of Lean Six Sigma, is attempting to get all the presidential candidates (including President Barack Obama) to pledge to eliminate the U.S. budget deficit by 2017 using Lean Six Sigma practices.

They also would agree to attend a two-day Lean Six Sigma seminar and complete a waste reduction project prior to taking office.

Mike George understands they can’t just commit, they have to understand what LSS is about in order to truly get the candidates on board.  Getting the candidates to take a class and complete a project would be a huge step in the right direction.

So far Mike George has gotten Republicans Gingrich, Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Gary Johnson, Ron Paul, Rick Santorum and Tim Pawlenty, who has since dropped out of the race, to take the pledge with Texas Governor Rick Perry expected to do it also.  You can visit Mike George’s website Strong America Now to learn more about the pledge.

The media is not picking this up and talking about it.  Here is what the author of the article found in mainstream media.

The national media is mostly ignoring the issue.

In searching the websites of USA Today, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, I found just one story addressing Lean Six Sigma in the presidential race.

One stinkin’ article.  One!?  Does the mainstream media not think there is any other way to eliminate the deficit but to either raise taxes or cut programs?  That is like manufacturing believe you can only have low cost or high quality, but not both.  Maybe this new article will be a start to more.

I am glad that someone is trying to get the presidential candidates attention.  With the U.S. economy the way it is, this may be the burning platform the government needs to change it’s ways. Maybe the U.S. government can lead the way for other countries as well.

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  1. I do find it interesting that members of both major parties speak of cutting programs/benefits or raising taxes. These are both areas basically outside of their immediate realms. They don’t do much talking about how they – their own departments – can reduce waste and become more efficient. (Maybe they could suggest a pay freeze or reduced perks for themselves.) This is like management saying the workers need to improve and reduce waste but never look at themselves in the mirror and ask how they personally need to change in order to improve the company.

    • That is a great point, Dale. Point the finger outward and say fix your stuff. It is never our issue but something you are doing. Like a department saying the previous sent us bad quality and therefore that is why I passed on bad quality.

  2. Enrique Herrera


    It is funny you mention at the end of your post that US may lead the way for other countries. I am really new to all this Lean and Six Sigma methodologies. About 3 years ago, I got GBSS certified by a local vendor here in Costa Rica, but it´s around October of last year that I start digging deeper into Lean and Six Sigma. Today I can tell you that this is definitely the career and personal path I want to follow. As a result, I have started questioning the actions the Costa Rican government takes in regards to budget, healthcare and office. I really think that Lean and Six Sigma are two solid ways to go that all government offices should start considering. Let me tell you, this is an effort that I will support, no matter where it takes place. Even though I´m Costa Rican, I do follow and support the Strong America Now program and wish that this type of initiatives start taking place here in CR.

    Great post, excellent blog! As a Lean beginner, your views paint a clear picture based on experience.

    Take care

    • Enrique –

      It is good to see so much passion from you. Lean and Six Sigma can help the Costa Rican government as well. I assume there is as much waste there as in any government office. I’m glad my postings help to paint a clear picture for you. Good luck with your learning and implementation. If I can be of assistance, let me know.

    • Enrique,

      Congratulations for choosing Lean and Six Sigma as “the career and personal path I want to follow.” It is rewarding to work with people in order to improve their work and lives. However, I am sure that you have already discovered that it is not an easy path – of course nothing worthwhile is ever really easy.

      I look forward to your responses in the future to Matt’s posts. It is always good to hear other perspectives, especially coming from a different country. Thank you for sharing.

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