Paul Akers – Lean at Home

It is Labor Day in the U.S.  and I plan to spend time working in the yard and around the house today.  If you enjoy yard work and being more efficient with your time, you will definitely enjoy this video.

I enjoy Paul Akers passion for lean.  What I take away most is fixing some of the small things.  Fix what bugs you is his mantra.  He does it at home too.

I want the lawn mower wash.  I don’t have a riding lawn mower but I do have two kids that would love playing in it!

Happy Labor Day!!!

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  1. this guy obviously does not live the northeast. our stuff would get ruined if we left it out exposed to weather like all of his weed wackers and leaf blowers, etc. were left out.

    also, i’ve noticed that a key to good 5S is actually having enough space to store things separate. i would love to have a very distinct place for every spatula, measuring spoon, salad tong, etc. that i have but i don’t have that many drawers or that much room in my kitchen! 😦

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