The Remodel is Complete

A few weeks ago, I posted a blog about single piece flow with laying the tile in the bathroom remodel at our house.  Well, the remodel is complete and my legs are no longer sore from running up and down the steps a bazillion times.

When learning, the bigger the learning zone or safe zone to make mistakes the greater the learning that can occur.  This project had a HUGE learning zone and my wife and I took full advantage of it.  We tore everything out except the corner jetted tub and started from scratch.

The shower pan, cabinets, toilet, everything came out.

I ended up learning about plumbing and how to move water lines, electrical wiring for fans and lights, assembling and installing cabinets, tiling, you name it and we learned it.  We got some cool tools along the way too.  A couple of months later we have a finished product that we absolutely love.

The experience helped me to push my limits with what I can do from a home improvement standpoint.  It was rewarding that we did it ourselves and the knowledge we gained about our home, our skill, and ourselves is invaluable.

Think about the learning zone you allow your employees.  Is it safe?  Is it big enough to allow them to test their limits and learn about themselves?  Or is it a small learning zone where they are not able to learn much and never  gain new skills?

Allow them to stretch themselves and let them struggle in a safe environment to learn.  I bet you will be surprise by the results.  I know I was.

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  1. wow, simply amazing… we are moving soon and I cannot wait to do my own creative work.

  2. I am a home improvement guy myself so I enjoy seeing your post. Great lesson I have learned myself. Your learning zone must embrace the opportunity to make mistakes and learn from those. That is improvement.

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