Seeing Through a Lean Lens

Seeing the world through a lean lens can be very frustrating at times.  The lean lens helps us to see waste everywhere, in things we do at work or at home.  Seeing systems, processes, and businesses end-to-end with a total cost picture becomes easier.

Because of this, it is easy to get frustrated with others that don’t view the world with a lean lens.  This is especially true with people in upper management roles.  It is easy to think they should see our view easily because they are smart people or they would not have gotten to the position they are in.

I have fallen into this trap myself.  My frustrations have become visible and it did not go well.  I lost a little bit of credibility with the person because of this.

To help me no become frustrated, I have tried a few things.  I try to put myself in their shoes and remember they have been successful without lean thinking.  This can make them feel like they already see things well or with a lean lens.  I also have to give a compelling story for them to change.  In most cases, data and visuals help me make a good case for change.

Like it or not a majority of the people still don’t look at the world through a lean lens.  We have to remember that as we met and talk with people.  Until the scale is tipped in the direction of lean, we will have to work to keep our frustrations hidden from the people we are trying to convert.

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