Black Friday Has Arrived

Today is Black Friday in the U.S.  It is the day after Thanksgiving and the largest shopping day of the year.  Every retailer will have great sales and deals to lure people into their store.

While this may be fun for some people who enjoy bargain shopping and getting a great deal, it is a day that everyone seems to lose respect for other people around them.

There will be stories of people being trampled as doors open to stores where crowds have been waiting outside.  People will shove, bump, slam into and elbow other people to hurry to get to a item before the store runs out of that particular deal.  It truly is amazing to me how everyone forgets common courtesy and manners.  If you were in a work place that showed this little respect for people you would quit in a heartbeat and not even think about it.

I understand that not everyone is like that on Black Friday but the number grows exponentially.  In fact, there are news stories every single year about some crazy incident that happened.

So, if you are a Black Friday shopper please remember how to respect others as you shop.

Happy Shopping!

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  1. Great article! It is sad but true……. Basic life skills are missing and the respect of people for each other is getting lost and for what? For money?

    What has our world come to?

    I would hope that articles such as yours will inspire people to at least think about it.

    Thank you!

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