Small Businesses Help Unemployment

Thanksgiving is in the rear view mirror. Now it is time to brace for the Christmas season and the craziness it seems to bring. More people will have jobs over this time of year with stores and companies needing the extra holiday help, but it usually ends up being a quick blip on the radar since the work is short-term help.

It is a time to be grateful that more people are working, but lets remember we as a country have a long way to go in order to turn the unemployment rate around. In general, it won’t be large companies that hire large numbers of people that will turn the unemployment situation around. Most of the large companies have too many people already from years of hiring faster than their growth rate.

The small companies that are getting started and growing are the ones that can really help with changing the unemployment situation in the U.S. or anywhere for that matter. During the holiday season, maybe consider buying gifts and services from smaller companies. It may help spark them to bigger and better growth which can lead to more jobs.

A bunch of little guys can spark the change that is needed.


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