Pre-emptive Strike on Micromanaging

Recently, there were a couple of great blog posts about micromanaging over at the Harvard Business Review blog.  You’re Probably a Micromanager and Why People Micromanage.

One of the reason Ron Ashkenas sites for micromanaging is the manager worries about being disconnected from what is going on.  I have seen this be true in a lot of cases.  The manager has a hard time trusting what is going on with the work and needs the comfort of being involved in order to be relaxed about the situtation.

One thing I have found to help with micro-managers is the pre-emptive strike.  Try getting out in front of the work and give regular updates without being asked to do so.  Once a week or after a meeting, send the manager an email with what work has been completed to date and what work is next to be completed as well as how you feel the work is going.

In most cases, this can start to build trust with the manager.  The manager can start to do less micromanaging.  The key is to take on doing the updates without being asked to do so.  If the manager asks, then it will seems as task the manager wants to keep an eye on you.  If you take the initiative to update the manager, the manager respects it can starts to build some trust which can allow the micromanaging to start to subside.  When that does yo feel better about the work and working for the manager.

This may not work all the time, but it is a place to start.

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