My Goals for 2012

It is a brand new year.  I hope everyone enjoyed themselves over the weekend with plenty of football and food.

This is the first post of a new year.  I thought I would start with reflection of how I did with my goals from 2011.  Here is a recap of my three goals for the 2011:

  • Continue to blog for a full calendar and make it meaningful and thought provoking to my readers – I did it!  I made it a full calendar year and celebrated the 1 year anniversary of the blog.  I can’t believe I made it.  It was definitely a lot more work than I could have ever anticipated but it was worth it.
  • I want to meet more people from the blogshpere – Check.  Tim McMahon, Karen Wilhelm, James Lawther, and Christian Paulson just to name a few great people that I met during 2011 through the blog.  I look forward to meeting more people in 2012.
  • Make my first reaction to a problem to go and see – Pretty close to a full check.  Most of the time my first reaction is to go and see the problem, but it wasn’t 100% of the time.  I did do a lot better at this in 2011 though.

Now to my goals for 2012:

  • Expand the blog and bring new bloggers to Beyond Lean
  • Learn 3 new things from fellow bloggers that help me improve my work

What are some of your goals for 2012?  I would love to hear them.

Good luck in 2012!

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  1. Matt, thanks for mentioning my name — some of the most important people in my network have come through blogging in one way or another, starting in 2005 when I started Lean Reflections. I’m honored to have that continue, meeting folks like you.

    One of my intentions was inspired by an article in the New Yorker a few months back. It was written by Atul Gawande, the surgeon who is also a frequent contributor to the magazine and the author of the Checklist Manifesto. Atul has done more for lean in healthcare — without mentioning the word once, as far as I know — than any of the rest of our lean leaders who have just lacked that level of exposure.

    The article was “Personal Best: Top athletes and singers have coaches. Should you?” ( I am basically the kind of person who wants to be perfect, but has a hard time receiving feedback without defensiveness as my first reaction. I find myself hiding mistakes, or thinking about mistakes I’ve made hoping that they weren’t noticed.

    I’ve learned from my lean colleagues that it can be safe to reveal mistakes or to ask for help, so I recently asked a team leader who I admire to help coach me in my team leader role.

    My brother recently posted on Facebook a picture of his visual goals. It’s a “Vision Board” and he has pasted up pictures and phrases on a piece of poster board to inspire him through the year. That seems like a great workshop project for a team, as well as a personal guide.

    • Karen –

      That is great. I like the vision board. What a interesting idea. I have been very fortunate to have some great coaches and mentors throughout my career. Jamie Flinchbaugh is one of them. Others, such as yourself, have influenced me to try new things through articles and blogs. Always search for a better way. Happy 2012!

  2. Matt, not sure I agree with you 100% on the great people, I think you hold your bar to low.

    I do like your other commitment:

    “Make my first reaction to a problem to go and see” to which i would add “and not jump to conclusions and start screaming at people”

    I am going to try that one this year. Maybe it will make me a better person as well.

    Hope you keep up your efforts this year.


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