Necessity Can Lead To Action And Change

No matter how hard people try they can not build a strong enough case to create change.  Sometimes it just has to come from within.  Situations can arise that cause people to take action and make changes.  People trying to drive change must be patient and when the opportunity comes then take full advantage of it.

Sometimes the language of lean can frustrate people and cause people not to want to participate.  Then a situation comes up making it necessary to change.  This would be a good time to help the person but do it without using the lean language and continue to support the new actions.

For instance, you may have been trying to get someone to understand 5S, but they don’t want to hear about sort, straighten, shine, set, and standardize.  One day the person is so frustrated with the work area they decide to clean it up.  When doing so they ask themselves questions like, “How often do I use this?” and “Do I need this much of this?”

These are all questions we would ask in relation to 5S, but if you tell the person “See you are doing 5S.” you can shut them down immediately.  Keep encouraging them without using any of the 5S language and ask more questions that will help them with their goal.

The objective of lean implementers is not to get everyone to speak lean but to act with lean principles and behaviors in mind.  In order to do this, sometimes patience is needed.  Wait for the opportunity that will drive the person to take action and create change.  When that happens take full advantage of it to reinforce the behaviors.

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