Create Superheroes Through a Strong Process

It is amazing to me the amount of confidence a person can have of producing a successful outcome when they are supported by a strong process.

“A bad process beats good people” is a quote I picked up from Jamie Flinchbaugh and Any Carlino.

The point of the quote is to stress that even good people will fail within a bad process so design the process so it will repeatedly deliver good results.

Let’s look at the same thing but in a different way.

“A strong process turns good people into superheroes!”

When a strong, repeatable process is designed and followed it will instill confidence of the people using the process.  The more the people use the process and the more they see successful results the more confidence is built.  The person looks like a superhero because they are delivering on results time after time.  Confidence can build to a point of almost arrogance because they know they can deliver the results wanted if they follow the process.

This is true of kaizen events and problem solving as well as day-to-day work execution processes.

This does not mean a strong process can’t be improved because you can always make it stronger, but understand if you have a strong process and use it to your advantage.

Turn yourself into a superhero as well as others around you by developing a strong process for something you do and following it.

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  1. Excellent point, Matt. A strong process can make it look easy too. It is surprising how often the solution looks easy in hindsight and makes you think, “Why didn’t I think of that?” It’s usually not so easy while looking for root causes and countermeasures or implementing the solution. That’s where a strong process comes into play. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Recently we had an improvement event and one comment from an executive VP was that the way the associates were able to work was “beautiful” because of the flow and apparent ease. Before the event the process looked haphazard and confusing. It is good when management can recognize that it is only because of good people that we have good processes, not the other way around.

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