Real Life Lean

I live in a part of the United States where houses are made of board siding which requires the siding to be painted every 5-7 years.  This is new to me because the parts I have lived in prior the houses were made of brick or aluminum siding.  Both do not require any regular maintenance.  So a few weeks ago, we had our house painted.

I had watched paint crews take a couple of days or so to paint neighbors’ houses.  The crew we hired painted the house in 1 day.  The process was amazing.

Most crews were 2 people.  This was a 4 man crew.  When they started, two men started taping off the windows and fixtures on the front of the house.  The main painter started mixing the paint and hooking up his spray gun.  The main painter started painting the house the base color and following the tapers around the house.  When the tapers finished, the main painter was on the back of the house and the front of the house was dry enough start painted the trim a different color.  The tapers started painting the trim while the sprayer was still working around the rest of the house.  When the sprayer finished the two working on the trim color got help from him.  Then one member broke off and started taking off the tape and then started doing the touch ups.

The fourth crew member was a runner.  He mixed paint, brought paper and tape to the tapers, relieved painters during breaks and anything else that was non-value added work.  He was the support system that kept everything going.

1 day.  10 hrs.  4 men. 1 custom painted house.

It was incredible to watch.  They get paid by the job so everyday can be a payday but not if you take more than one day to do the job.

What real life examples have you seen?

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