Error Proofing the Gas Cap

I recently spent some time in the United Kingdom.  It was my first time traveling to Europe.  During my stay I had a rental car.  The first time I went to fill the car with diesel fuel I found a great error proofing method for making sure you put the gas cap back on after fueling up.

See the pictures below.

The key has to be used to unlock the gas cap.  When  you pull out the gas cap the key is locked into it and cannot be removed.  It will not turn or unlock unless it is in the gas tank.  Try sticking your key in the ignition with the gas cap on it!

In the U.S. we have the gas cap tethered to the car so we don’t forget to take it but it does not mean that it will be on the gas tank when the car pulls away.

I love the simplicity of this!  I had to share this.

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  1. Matt Having never driven in the States I wasn’t aware of the problem or the solution we had over here. Now all we need is a foolproof system for filling diesel cars with diesel and not petrol. Apparently 150,000 people do this every year in the UK. Cheers Mark

  2. Matt, speaking as an Englishman I can tell you that simple people need simple things.

    Did you see our electric plugs and sockets? There is some Poka Yoke pride.

  3. We had these on our family cars and pick-ups growing up back home in Nevada when siphoning was easy and common. You can still pick them up and I put one on my car in CA after being tapped by a neighbor kid one night when gas was above $4 a gallon.

  4. Nice.

    Another neat car gas tank error proofing was that they made the intake size smaller for unleaded gas – so you couldn’t put a leaded gas nozzle into the car that used unleaded gas.

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