Blogging Sidetracked

In order to get the disappointment out of the way early, I’d like to let you know this is more of a house cleaning post.  There isn’t any new (or old) Lean thinking or discussion.

You may (or may not) have noticed that my posts have been pretty sporadic lately.   For those of you that have noticed, I would like to apologize (or tell you “You’re Welcome”…depending on how you feel).  I’d also like to apologize to Matt for my craziness.  I have recently gone through some pretty major life moves…the details of which are inconsequential.  However, getting to the other side has left me with some space to really think openly about what I may have to say and how I may want to say it.  Looking at the next year, for 52 weeks at two posts a week I believe I have 104 topics/ideas/responses that I can effectively fill out.  Looking 5 years in the future, do I have 520?  I have no idea, so I probably won’t worry about burning up my words too quickly.  What will those posts look like?  I’m not sure.  I think some of my themes and concepts have lots of room to expand.  I think that there are some practical and tool based  topics that I can explore.  I think Matt and I have some very fertile ground in exploring different topics either in tandem or in debate.

What does this mean for my contributions here?  Until I run out of things to say, I’ll keep typing.  I’m going to try to focus on things I feel passionate about or where I feel like I can add some unique perspective.  This may mean the posts will be really short or really long.  It may mean I have to face some of my personal ‘elephants in the room’ that I have chosen not to confront out of fear of controversy.  However, I don’t need to stir the pot for attention or to chase page views, so it will be done as respectfully as possible.  In short, I’m going to continue to push myself to share what I have learned and I’m going to do my best to make it worth your time to check the site.  As a reader, all I can ask is your honesty.  If you want to contribute, comment, or debate, please do so as I would like to learn from you, too.  If you think I’m wrong or that something I’m doing stinks, please tell me.  My email address is JoeWilsonLean at gmail dot com.

Thanks for reading.  Here’s to a great second half of 2012.

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  1. Joe-I’m looking forward to more of your Lean thinking.

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