Practical Visual Management

I am always on the lookout for good examples of visual management.  I like visual management solutions that are simple and solve a consistent problem especially around quality.

Here is a picture of one from my wife’s small business:

My wife makes natural, hand-poured soaps.  This is a soap pop.  It is part of the kids line of soaps she has.  They are made to look like popsicles and are a great party favor at birthdays (part of a shameless plug for the business).

She wanted to be consistent with the layer from soap-to-soap and batch-to-batch so she drew lines with a sharpie on the outside of the molds.  The mold is semi-transparent so she can see when to stop when she is pouring the soap.  This creates a uniform look that shows here customers she does care about the quality and their experience.

Visual management is a concept that can be used by anyone trying to make a problem visible no matter the size of the company or problem.  Do you have any simple examples of using visual management to solve a problem?


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