Make the Routine Quick and Easy

I read a blog post from Dan Markovitz a couple weeks about about some of the practices Nick Saban has.  Being a college football fan and following Nick Saban since his Michigan State days, I found it very interesting to see how he saved time.

I do some of the same stuff.  I eat the same thing everyday for lunch.  It is a running joke around my workplace.  But I don’t have to think about what to make the night before and no decisions have to be made when it is time for lunch.  The nights I do make something different for my lunch the next day it takes over twice as long.  I spend a lot of time trying to figure out what I want and if it is easily suitable for a packed lunch.

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Another thing I do, I lay out all of my clothes for the week including clothes for working out in the morning.  I spend a few minutes Sunday evening preparing for Monday thru Thursday (Friday can range to much based on what I have going on at work so I do that one on Thursday night).  My kids even got me a cubby-hole shelf to put my clothes into to be even more organized.  With two kids involved in everything under the sun, this saves me time during the week.  I don’t have to think about what I am going to wear.  I just reach for the cubby-hole and put the clothes in my gym bag and my gym clothes I lay out for the next morning.  It takes me less than 60 seconds to be prepared for the next day.

I know.  It seems anal-retentive (because I don’t make millions like Nick Saban, then it would be innovative or smart).  These two routines save me several minutes a day that I use to make sure I get the kids to where they need to be on-time and frees up time to spend with my wife at night.

What do you do to save time in your routine?

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  1. You *batch* your clothes selection? GASP! Just kidding. I do the same thing. This is a simple concept that I really try and showcase on my shop floor. Save brainpower & time for the important things, not the trivial.

    • Dave, your comment made me laugh. But I am glad you brought up the batching. It is a great example of lean thinkers not thinking about the problem and just implementing concepts and tools (which I don’t believe you meant it that way). Yes, I “batch” my clothes. I have found that about 75% of the time you have to decide which waste is better to live with based on your conditions. In this case, batching clothes is less wasteful for me versus the time it takes every night to get clothes for work and for going to the gym out.

      I’m just glad I’m not crazy because I lay my clothes out in advance.

  2. You reinforce a great point that I try and remember daily – The ultimate goal of Lean (in my mind) is to use our most talent folks (the ones doing the work) to solve problems to eliminate waste to better satisfy the customer. Problems must drive solutions, and the solution may or may not be the textbook Lean countermeasure!

  3. Hi Matt – This may make all of your female readers cringe but I wear the same outfit when I travel for business (which I’ve been doing 3 weeks out of 4 for months now) on both my outbound and return flights. This way I don’t have to think–especially at 4:30 am when I’m usually heading out the door for east coast clients.

    I’ve also scaled back my wardrobe so I only limited numbers of pants, tops, jackets and sweaters to choose from. It’s been incredibly liberating! And I’m saving TONS of time! I can’t imagine me becoming like Steve Jobs with my wardrobe, but it’s tempting even as a woman. 🙂

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