Stop Waiting for Your Boss’ Strategy

Waiting on others is a mindset I have experienced that causes things to stall out or never get started.  A lean tool/concept I commonly see this with is strategy deployment (Hoshin Kanri).

In an ideal state strategy deployment starts at the highest level of an organization.  The executives would roll their strategy down through the entire organization to the front line level.  This would create alignment on what priorities and how work is done across the entire organization.

How often does strategy deployment start with the executives?  Not often.

Regularly people sit around waiting and wishing their boss or the executives would start the strategy deployment process.  Waiting for this to happen is not an effective way to get strategy deployment started within an organization.

The most common way to start strategy deployment is at some middle level of an organization.  Develop the strategy for your span of control in the organization and roll it down to your direct reports.  Then use that strategy to reach out to your business partners (where necessary) to get buy-in and help with achieving your strategy goals.  As you become successful in doing this, more and more people will take notice.  It will start to grow organically across the organization.  Watch it grow.

It may take some time but eventually, you may see the ideal state in your organization, but chances are the effort will have to start at a lower level.

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