Root Cause and Guns

Normally, I don’t dive into the hot politically charged topic of the week, but the gun issue has really struck a cord with me.  I don’t care which side of the issue a person falls on, right to own a gun or very strict laws almost preventing gun ownership.  Everyone has a right to their own opinion.

The issue I have is with people, more accurately politicians, using tragedies to further their own agenda without understanding the true root cause.

Sandy Hook was an enormous tragedy.  I went home that night and hugged my kids and didn’t let them go the entire weekend.  What happened shook me at my core.

What has happened since then has been upsetting also.  Laws are proposed and passed on gun control that do not address the root cause of why these type of mass shootings are happening.  Guns are being obtained legally and with background checks.  A lot of these people are not any system as having “issues” or being arrested or whatever the case may be, so they will pass a background check.

Stricter background checks can just cause people to get guns illegally.  It is just like making alcohol illegal in the U.S.  Prohibition in the 1920s didn’t stop alcohol from being made or consumed.  It just made it illegal.  People went into business with distilleries and crime went up because of it.  Not just the  making and consuming of alcohol but people robbed and killed over it to build empires because no one would call the cops if a criminal stole from a criminal.

If a person wants a gun bad enough, they will get it.

The question is, “What is causing people to want to do these acts?”  How do we prevent people from wanting to do something like this?  Do we need to work harder on stopping bullying?  Do we need to help to make people better aware of how a stable family can help?

I don’t know what the answer is, but I do believe that what has been going on for years with just looking at controlling guns is not the answer.  It hasn’t’ worked since the Columbine shootings and I don’t see it working moving forward.

What are your thoughts on helping to prevent the root cause of gun violence?

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  1. The root cause of such voilence is deep and complex. I’m sure we have met people, perhaps even know people who function well in society, but have deep pain, unhealed and unaddressed. It is an oversimplistic answer, but it does align with lean…Respect for people. Respect enough to love people and care when we see things going off the rails. This, of course, opens up the discussion to pyschological land religious approachs, which is beyond our scope here.

    • John, thank you for your comment. Your right. The causes are deep and complex. In a nutshell, my opinion is bandaiding a fix will not help the situation. Great comment and thanks for posting.

  2. Maybe we should consider a tax on guns similar to that on alcohol and cigarettes to pay for the damage it inflicts on society. I can remember when smoking was cool and lung cancer was just a lie made up by liberals. I agree with everyone its a complex issue but all you need to do is follow the money to find the truth. Using the value stream methodology where would a military weapon in the hands of a civilian fall? Necessary, not-needed but required …

    • Your approach is one step, but it does not get to root cause. Perhaps a tax on certain types of guns, like assault weapons. I agree, civilians do not need such lethal force. Money may be the 4th Why, I think power is the 5th!

      • Taxing the guns does not address the root cause, most of the time the guns are aquired under the radar. It also begs the question: Where does the taxation stop. If a large number of people get killed by knives, are we going to tax them? Just me thoughts.

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