Visual Management at Home

I received this picture from a guy I worked with and coached for a couple of years.  I am sharing this with his permission

Lean visual materials management at home

(click on image to enlarge)

He and his wife would go to the store and if there was a sale, they would buy meat.  They never knew what they had at home.  When they got home from a recent trip they had bought meat they had plenty of…again.  So my friend decided to get visual.  He sorted out the meat that had gone bad and then created this visual board to better understand when he needed to buy a particular type of meat.  He likes to barbeque so he keeps a variety of meat on hand.

The board is simple.  Conveys one type of information.  And anyone can understand it by looking at it.

What visual management have you used at home?

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  1. Very good one. But I don’t use any visual management stuff at home….I guess I have lots of things to be managed in this way…. 🙂

  2. My grocery list is pre-printed and attached to the fridge. We high-light items as we run out, or when the last package is opened, Then before I shopping I plan the week’s meals, add menu items, and double-check the rest of the items in the fridge and pantry. Takes about 10 minutes.

  3. We have a list on our freezer as well, only instead of a simple ‘X’ we use a code like ‘S1’ for shelf 1, or ‘D’ for door. If you have a big freezer this saves time finding your item when you need it.

  4. I love it. We buy in bulk and have 3 freezers so you can see the need for something simple like this. Now i have an idea for a weekend project.

  5. Christopher Thuraisingham

    Very interesting. Being someone who constantly talks about visual management at our workplace, it’s ironic that we don’t use any Lean or 5S principles, let alone visual management at home. It is almost as if we get so tired conducting training at work that we just can’t be bothered when it comes to our homes… It has got me thinking…


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