Should All Customer Feedback Be Transparent to Others?

Is all customer feedback accurate?  Should all customer feedback be displayed?

My first reaction was absolutely all feedback should be displayed.  This is great transparency and help drive improvement.  If you don’t want negative customer feedback then provide a good experience.

I now have changed my tune a bit.  I do believe that customer feedback should be transparent, even the negative.  What I don’t believe is that all feedback should be displayed because there is some of it that is flat out wrong.

It is one thing to have your business not provide a positive experience and actual events posted about that versus an experience that is just not the case.  This is easier to monitor and see in small businesses.

The ideal state is that no bad experiences happen and a customer never receives bad quality product.  Unfortunately, that is not always the case.  If a customer receives a product they are not happy with the provider should have a chance to correct the situation.

In recent months, I have seen where customers are posting negative comments on small businesses that are flat out lies.  Either talking about the business not working with them to correct a situation when the customer never even contacted the business to correct the situation or describing a defect that is not even physically possible with that product.

Understanding unsatisfied customers is a great thing to help improve your  business.  False information that can damage a business is just wrong.

So when using the customer reviews, you must be cautious with what you read.  Understand all the feedback and try to make an educated decision.  Heck.  Even contact the business and ask questions to help you feel more comfortable.

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  1. Matt,

    I agree that a business and non-profits should include negative feedback in their customer feedback, but you are also correct that some feedback can be intentionally misleading or lies. Also, there are some customers who simply cannot be satisfied, even if the company does absolutely everything that they can to try to satisfy them. At the non-profit of which I am chairman of the board, we had a situation which seemed impossible to bring to a satisfactory conclusion. When the customer returned the books which he had purchased from us and we refunded his money, in addition to all shipping charges both ways, we found that the damage and other issues that he had with the books was simply not there, yet he was insistent about it. I am sure that his feedback about our organization would be very negative but also very inaccurate and potentially damaging.

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