Losing Focus

Losing focus can happen to anyone, especially when working on changing the way you do things.

I am a good example of that.  For close to seven years, I have consistently block time on my calendar every Friday morning to do reflection on the week.  The last three weeks or so I have not done it.

Also, part of my job is to bring others along the lean journey.  Get them to see and understand and start to make changes.  I lost sight of that for a bit too.

Sure.  I got busy with my projects and was running with my hair on fire, but I have plenty of other weeks like that.

Everyone will lose focus from time to time.  Losing focus in itself isn’t a bad thing.   Losing focus shows others we are human and capable of making mistakes.  How we react is what is important.

We should realize and acknowledge we have lost focus.  Then do something to regain that focus.

I have found people respect this and as a leader you become more authentic when helping others because you can relate to losing focus.

Is there something you should be refocusing on?

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