Blog Reader Survey: I want to hear about your needs from the blog

Recently, I have been participating in a series of conversations with a small group of other bloggers about how to improve the online lean learning community.

We thought it best to start with what you thought, so we’d like you to take a few minutes to answer a series of 10 questions to get us going.

As a thank you for your help, this link will take you to a zip file with some free content from Jeff Hajek, Chad Walters and myself.

Link to our survey


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  1. Would be glad to hear the results of what you guys find. (some feedback on the survey itself…it’s a bit too long)

    One thing I love about the online Lean community is how open it is with its resources. Content-consumers online have the underlying belief that the things that are free are more valuable (because they’re usually quicker to get). That’s a hypothesis I haven’t tested, but I’m pretty sure it would hold up.

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