Visual Board for Production Standards

I have been working with one group on how to make there work more visual.  Show production goals versus actual production.  Make safety standards clear.  Highlight any problems to help them improve.

The supervisor of the area was on person leave when I was helping the area.  Upon her return, she liked what we had done.  In fact, she liked the idea so much that she made a visual board for another area where she is the supervisor.

Click on image to enlarge

Click on image to enlarge

What was the problem she was trying to solve?  Employees were always asking what their goal for the day was.  Employees would leave their work station and abandon their work to find the supervisor just to ask what the goal was.  The supervisor posted this board in the work area.

This reminds of Gwendolyn Galsworth’s book Visual Workplace Visual Thinking.  One of the questions of the visual workplace is “What do I need to share?”.  Goals and standards were something this supervisor needed to share with her team.

The board is simple and effective.

What have you made visual? What do you need to share?

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  1. Hi Matt

    We all need to stop and think about what our people need to know so that they can do their jobs. When we know what they need to know we need to come up with the simplest solution to supply that need and place it were they need it, and make sure they know it is there. Once you have done that you can focus your time on other problems that truly need your attention that are either rare occurrences or one time situations.

    It is the time wasted because you didn’t supply your people with the materials, tools, or knowledge to do their job, that is magnifying all the other problems and often gets in the way of fixing the other problems properly, after all everyone has only so much time.

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