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Poll: Understanding Lean at Your Company

I wanted to try to understand how lean is working for the readers of Beyond Lean.  This is not a highly scientific poll just three quick questions to see what size company the readers work in, how they are trying to implement lean and if you believe your company is sustaining and growing the results from lean.

Thanks for continuing to read Beyond Lean.


Topic for Lean Series Week

Last year, Beyond Lean hosted two lean series weeks.  The week focused on a specific topic.  Posts were from not only Joe and me but also guests.  Giving the reader a different perspective on one topic for the week all in one place.

Please take the time to answer the poll letting us know what you would like to see as the next topic for the Lean Series week.

The first lean series was on standardized work.

The second series was on visual management.



Dedicated Series on a Lean Topic

Have you ever read something and thought it made sense?  Then later you read something else on the same subject.  It has a different viewpoint or thoughts on the subject.  So you start to search the internet for other viewpoints so you can become more educated on the subject.  It gets irritating spending so much time looking for information on the topic.  What if you could have several viewpoints in one place?

This year Beyond Lean is going to try an experiment.  In a few weeks, I will be posting blogs from 4 to 5 different people on the same lean topic.  Each day would be a new blog post from someone who you may recognize or you may not.  People working in industry trying to implement the concept and work with it.  Or consultants who teach the concepts to help others improve.

I would like your help in determining the first topic to cover in a week long series.  Please take a second to vote (or write in a vote) on a topic below.