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Inspiration Update

In January, I posted a blog titled “Create Inspiration“.  In that post I stated a goal for myself.

I want to post 51 blogs in 2016, so I am going to use Seth’s example and every day until the end of February I am writing a topic in my notebook.  Some may never get written about.  Others will end up here on Beyond Lean.

The experiment has worked.  Here are the results:

  • I wrote an idea down on 17 of the 21 working days in February.
  • I documented 25 topic ideas
  • Every post since the start of February has come from that inspiration list

I still have room for improvement.  I didn’t get an idea added everyday, which was my goal.  I could also increase the average ideas/day.

There is a well wish people give to others sometimes, “I hope inspiration finds you.”

Don’t wish for inspiration to find you.  Go find inspiration!

Creativity from Constraints

Jamie Flinchbaugh seems to post timely blogs with things I am working on.  Last week, he posted a blog about Leveraging Constraints for Creativity.

Now that we are back from the holidays, one of projects I am working on is improving a process to meet the customer cost requirements.  Before the holiday, the team had 4 great ideas that would allow great savings and efficiency gains.  The potential drawback is that it requires our customer to change how they give us information.  The company I work for is one of a thousand customers and we have very little product in their stores.

The challenge to the team is to still create an improved process but with the constraint that the customer will not change the way they give us information.  This is a big constraint and is causing some angst on the team.

I like the constraint.  It is really going to challenge the team to get creative with a solution.  It will push the limits in our ways of thinking about our process.  I expect it to help us make the process better than it has ever been.

Before this constraint, there was too much freedom.  This freedom allowed us to look at the customer and say they need to change or we can’t get better.  I don’t buy it.  Now with the constraint, it will force us to look at ourselves differently.  This self reflection is how we get better and stay ahead of the competition.