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Counting Down the Top 10 Viewed Posts of 2011 – 10 Thru 6

2012 is now in full swing.  Before 2011 is too far in the rear view mirror, I thought I would recap the Top 10 most viewed posts on Beyond Lean for 2011.

New followers of the blog can use this as an opportunity to read posts they might have not seen in the past.  While, long time followers can use this as an opportunity to re-read some of the top viewed posts.

This post will count down the 10th thru 6th most viewed posts of 2011.  Enjoy!

10. Dilbert Leading Transformation (July 2010) – Previous Year Ranked #3 – The Pointy-Haired Boss wants clear responsibilities and employee engagement.

9.   Adding Inventory…A Good Thing? (March 2011) –  Sometimes adding inventory might be the right thing to do based on your business. Take time to understand your business and its needs before deciding.

8.  Making Leader Standard Work Visual (June 2011) – An example of a visual board from a group I worked with.  The board makes the tasks and if they were completed by the managers visual.

7.  Beyond Lean Joins Twitter (February 2011) – Beyond Lean announces the venture out onto Twitter.

6.  Redbox Produced in the U.S. Using Lean (October 2010) – Previous Year Ranked #5 – News article about Redbox manufacturing using Lean to produce the Redbox dispensers close to it’s customers in the U.S.

My next post will count down the Top 5 viewed posts of 2011.


Beyond Lean Joins Twitter

For the last couple of years I have fought social media.  That is the total “Old School” in me.  As a lean practitioner I always talk about creating a learning environment with the people I work with.  So to practice what I preach last May I started this blog.  To my surprise I have really enjoyed it.  It has been a real learning experience.

My next learning experience will be with Twitter.  It is quite new to me and to be honest, I’m a little intimidated by it.  All the symbols and retweets and follows and what not.  So, look me up when on Twitter and be patient with me.

Next Week is Manufacturing in America Week

Tomorrow starts Manufacturing in America Week.  This week is dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of manufacturing in America.

To support this grassroots effort, I will be blogging about manufacturing topics next week.  One post will be about a small, family-owned company that has had great success with lean over the last five years.

I am looking forward to it and I hope everyone helps to spread the word through Facebook and Twitter all week long.