Blog Carnival Annual Roundup 2011 – Lean Reflections

This is my final review for this years Blog Carnival Annual Roundup.  I have enjoyed reviewing blogs for John Hunter at Curious Cat Management blog.  The previous blogs I reviewed were:

Final review is the blog Lean ReflectionsKaren Wilhelm is the author of the blog.  Karen and I met last year during the Blog Carnival roundup.  It was her roundup post last year that encouraged me to try new blogs this year.  That led to me discovering Squawk Point and All Things Workplace.  Thanks, Karen!

Karen’s post are thought provoking.  Here Karen raises the question of understanding the brain more might help lead us to understand why people resist change and lean.

This post talks about Temple Grandin and her ability to use visual thinking to see the improvements that are needed in the process flow of the livestock industry.  It stresses the point that we need to pretend we are the product moving through a process.  Be the thing in order to better understand what is happening to the thing.

Karen’s blog is a great read.

Don’t forget to look for more reviews from other bloggers during the Blog Carnival Annual Roundup.


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  1. Sorry for the belated thanks, Matt, but I appreciate your kind words about Lean Reflections. I’m glad I encouraged you to try some new blogs — it always stimulates my creativity and indulges my curiosity, though it challenges my discipline to stay on task.

    I’ve been enjoying Beyond Lean, so keep it up. It is especially interesting to me because you are on the front lines of lean and in touch with real issues. Without bloggers like you, it would be all consultants and onlookers — we do our job, but only if we support guys in your positions.

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